Monday, September 8, 2008

An Adventurous Person

Good day guys... What is an adventurous person? Almost of us means that an adventurous person is a kind of a traveler one, that dare to risk some of the breath taking events. The one that face the new challenges that may occur in his/her life. And never abandoned his/her fellowmen.

I have known a person whose just like that. He is actually my uncle. Husband of my mom's sister. He is a foreigner, an Australian citizen. He was a writer, business man, crime buster and a good husband to my aunt. His name Earl Jim K. Wilkinson. He wrote books such as "Trial of the Century, Sentence to Death and The Philippines-Damaged Culture?". These books owed high praise to him.

Mr. Earl Jim K. Wilkinson made some forms of contribution to the Philippine and to some Filipinos. He had chosen the Philippines because he had developed a genuine liking of Filipinos during his previous visits. During the height of the Marcos dictatorship, he had the oppotunity to observed closely the effects of this on the populace, and he did not like what he saw. Because of being a writer he witness gross abuse to human. He saw and dangerously photographed some killing fields.

His campaigns have made him many enemies and often placed him in personal danger. He receive death treats and has even been jailed on false charges. In spite of these, he has perserved and has not only achieved some remarkable success but has also receive praise of many high profile Filipinos for his effort.

He traveled in different countries and bought some artifacts, antiques and take pictures of some of his adventures. He loves to travel

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angel lee said... are not a good singer but also have a potential to be a writer. just be carful in some grammar..but no can work on it,i know you can do it..always take care and chuwariwap...

surely your uncle is a good critic and a good writer..i hope i can find some of his book so i can read it too...